July 20, 2014

I am scared, that I can never be enough.
For my family, for friends, and me in the end.
You…I am scared, for you.
That I am nothing.
That you have tied yourself willingly to me, attached at the hip and I fear it will be your demise.
I fear it will be our demise…

July 18, 2014
"It hits me like a brick wall that you’re nowhere near me and all I want is to feel your hand in mine"

— (via waxingcrescentonherthigh)

July 18, 2014

Your hand slowly crept inside of my chest,
to the deepest darkest parts.
Cold, still, and yet you found the piece of me that I have been hiding all this time…

Your little fingers stumbled upon the edges, 
Once they touched the frayed ends, they never let go. 
Now I’m left…and you are gone. 

Pulling these heart strings across state lines,
till there is nothing left. 
'Till I am gone.
Stealing my youth with every thought of you.

I close my eyes and hope to think of you…
I close my eyes and hope to dream of you…

July 18, 2014
"Im scared to tell you things, because every time I do I am giving you a little piece of my hell. No one should have to share that burden with me…"

— When everything is quiet. (iamsomethingofawriter)

(Source: iamsomethingofawriter)

July 6, 2014
"I wish I could tell you about how broken I feel…"

— When things go quiet

July 6, 2014

If you could take hold,
Take grasp,
Of what is happening right now.
You would realize,
That these moments…
These moments take hold of memories that we would forget.
They would be fleeting,
And yet we grasp at imortality.
I hold, all that is mine.
Live this one single life
Because after that, what is there left to do.

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